Former Ukrainian president Yanokovych has become richer over the summer

According to the reports of Ukrainian financial Monitoring Agency the value of the assets of ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and the former government officials has increased over the summer months.
As of the end of August The value of the frozen assets of the former high rank Ukrainian officials from Yanukovych’s government amounted to 107.2 million US dollars, 15.9 million  Euros and 135 million  Swiss Francs. This is 13.1 million Swiss Francs more than it was in the end of May.
 The frozen deposits are in the banks of Austria, UK, Latvia, Italy, Lichtenstein, Netherlands and Cyprus
According to the statement of the Ukrainian  Financial  Monitoring agency  since the beginning of the investigation the  Agency uncovered 550 personal and 86 corporate accounts belonging to 33 people linked to the government of the former Ukrainian president.
At the same time according to the agency the value of the deposits of the sanctioned officials of Donetsk and Lugansk Pro-Kremlin republics has remained the same.
During June-August period the agency has submitted 13 reports regarding the financial operations which can potentially be linked to financing the terrorism or undermining the existing government

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