• Lithuania considers revoking citizenship for those supporting Russia

    The Seimas of Lithuania is considering the possibility of revoking citizenship for those supporting Russia, reported the Lithuanian news outlet 15min.lt

    "The draft bill stipulates that a citizen of another country who has received Lithuanian citizenship as an exception will get the Lithuanian passport cancelled if this person’s actions threaten the security and interests of the Lithuanian state, if this person supports a state that threatens the security of Lithuania and other countries and …

  • Putin’s associate Prigozhin admits interfering in U.S. elections

    Russian oligarch and founder of the private military company Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin responded to the question of the website "Russia News" about Russia’s "attempts to intervene" in the U.S. elections, in particular, in the midterm elections to Congress, which are held on November 8.

    "I will answer you very subtly, delicately and, I apologize, I will allow a certain ambiguity," Prigozhin replied ironically and sarcastically on his VKontakte page of his company Concord. " Gentlemen, we have …

  • Ukrainian Ambassador: Germany can begin delivering Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine soon

    Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Oleksiy Makeyev said he expects that Germany would begin direct deliveries of battle tanks  to Ukraine. 

    "We have reason to hope that a decision will be made to supply Leopard 2 tanks from Germany directly to Ukraine," he said in an interview with Funke news agency.

    According to him, negotiations are under way with the German federal government. Makeyev stressed that Ukraine needs these battle tanks.

    "It's time to stop talking how to avoid provoking Russia. …

  • Iran admits supplying kamikaze drones to Russia

    The Iranian authorities for the first time publicly acknowledged the supply of unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia. The Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said that before Russia's war against Ukraine Teheran provided Moscow with a limited number of drones, reported the Iranian state news agency IRNA. At the same time, the Iranian Foreign Minister denies deliveries of drones after the start of the war, as well as shipping missiles to Russia. According to several media …

  • Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia will create a joint satellite network

    Belarus and Russia have reached an agreement to create of a joint satellite constellation, which will also be used for military purposes, said the self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

    "We are not only ready to launch a person into space, to send an astronaut of our own. We will send him soon. We produce spacecraft. We have agreed with Russia to create a joint grouping of spacecraft in space," Lukashenka said.

    He added that it will used "not only for military purposes." …