World Bank calls Ukrainian reforms effective

Representatives of the World Bank have remarked on the high effectiveness of the reforms carried out in Ukraine’s financial sector, the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) reported on Facebook.

“Last week as part of a tour of Eastern Europe, 10 executive directors of the World Bank came to Ukraine. As part of their visit, they had a series of meetings with domestic officials to discuss future collaboration. The World Bank representatives remarked on the high effectiveness of the reforms which have been carried out in the financial sector,” the NBU said in its post.

The topics for discussion were the future steps that the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance can take to develop the banking system in Ukraine. Particular focus was given to the matter of solving the problem of inoperative assets, and reducing the high proportion of state banks in Ukraine’s banking system.

The NBU remarked on the necessity of future legislative changes, in particular the need for the Verkhovna Rada to adopt laws to renew lending, improve the functionality of the financial sector in Ukraine, and to register and then approve the already drafted bill on asset management.

  World Bank, NBU, Reforms in Ukraine


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