Wives of newly mobilized arrive at Ukrainian border demanding their husbands be retuned to Russia

On the night of November 9, more than 20 relatives of the newly mobilized soldiers from the Voronezh, Kursk and Belgorod regions arrived at a military unit in the border town of Valuiki and demanded that their husbands and relatives, who came under fire in Makiivka, near Luhansk, be immediately moved to Russian territory, reports the news outlet Verstka.

According to relatives, the mobilized are walking from the village of Krasnorichenske, Luhansk oblast, in the direction of Valuiki (about 150 km). One of the women told Verstka that the men came under shelling in the Makiivka area and about 159 survivors from four brigades are trying to get to their relatives. They carry their wounded friends. All, according to relatives, are part of the "non-existent" regiment 11097.

The video of the of the women talking to the military in the unit in Valuiki was posted by the Telegram channel Mobilization. Relatives ask that the mobilized be taken to Russia by car, and if the military commanders  in Valuiki do not help, they are ready to go to the front line themselves to rescue their relatives.

"I'm ready to tear them apart. They have to do something, they have to make some decision, they have to take them out of there. We want them to be taken from there because there are a lot of wounded there," one of the women told Verstka.

On the morning of November 9, the channel Mobilization published another video from which it follows that no military commanders came out to the wives of the mobilized, who remained all night at the military unit in Valuiki.

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