Vovchansk nearly destroyed amid relentless Russian shelling, evacuation underway

The city of Vovchansk in the Kharkiv region has been almost entirely destroyed due to relentless shelling by the Russian Armed Forces, said Tamaz Gambarashvili, the head of Vovchansk's military-civil administration, during a news broadcast.

"The situation today is just as severe and critical as it was yesterday and the day before. This is because the enemy is constantly bombarding the city. The city is almost destroyed. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are defending our city, which is fully under Ukrainian control, but there are small groups trying to enter the outskirts of the city. That's why there is ongoing gunfire there," he noted.

Additionally, the head of the military-civil administration pointed out that constant fighting continues in the vicinity of Vovchansk.

"That's precisely why the situation there is extremely difficult. Regarding the residents of the city, we are carrying out the evacuation of the population. Most people have left on their own using personal vehicles. Right now, we are focusing on helping those residents who are unable to evacuate on their own," Gambarashvili stated.

Kirill Budanov, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine's Ministry of Defense, reported that as of the evening of Monday, 13 May, the front line in the Kharkiv region was showing a rapid trend towards stabilization. However, he admitted that in the region, not all forces had been deployed yet but emphasized that they would utilize everything they have in the coming days.

Moreover, the country's chief intelligence officer commented on the rumors about a possible Russian offensive in the Sumy region. According to Budanov, Russia had intended from the outset to carry out an offensive operation specifically in this area.

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