US shuts down Russian visa centres in major cities and revokes diplomatic tax exemptions

The United States is closing two Russian visa centres in Washington and New York, in addition to stripping Russian diplomats of their tax exemption privileges, reported the head of the Russian diplomatic mission, Anatoly Antonov, as cited by TASS news agency.

"The Americans have sent us notification of the closure of the visa centre. Now, additional responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of Russian diplomats and consuls," he said. Despite this, the Russian ambassador pledged to "put all efforts" into ensuring that Russians living in the US receive the necessary legal and consular services.

Antonov also reported that US authorities have stripped Russian diplomats of their tax exemption cards. "They took away our tax exemption cards. These cards offer diplomats privileges in any country, allowing them to live and not pay taxes to the local treasury," he stated.

In December 2020, the US introduced a three-year limit on the stay of Russian diplomats in the country. Due to this restriction, 27 diplomats along with their families had to leave the US by January 30, 2022, and another 28 people are required to leave by June 30, 2022.

  Russia, USA