US Senator claims Trump supports military aid to Ukraine and might authorize strikes on Russia if re-elected

Former U.S. President Donald Trump privately supports American military aid to Ukraine and, if he were president again, may allow the use of U.S. weapons on targets within Russian territory. This revelation comes from Republican Senator Joni Ernst, as reported by Bleeding Heartland .

According to Ernst, Trump believes that supporting Ukraine is the right course of action, though he does not make this stance public.

“He’s actually quite silent on this matter, and it’s only in private conversations that he acknowledges it’s the right thing to do,” Ernst said.

Ernst further urged European countries to provide more humanitarian aid to Ukraine and stated that the U.S. is capable of producing more ammunition.

“But President Biden needs to allow this ammunition to hit inside Russia. Otherwise, Ukraine will not win this war. He’s preventing this country from actually defeating Russia. So, President Biden needs to step up and do the right thing,” the senator added.

She is convinced that if Trump were re-elected as U.S. president, he would permit Ukraine to target Russian sites with American weapons.

Ernst also mentioned that the U.S. will not abandon Ukraine if the Republicans gain control over the Senate.

On June 14, Trump once again promised to end the war in Ukraine. The politician claimed that had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, Washington would have been engaged in nuclear war with North Korea, and he boasted of having a good relationship with Kremlin head Vladimir Putin.

Additionally, on June 16, it was reported that Trump had threatened to cut off aid to Ukraine even before his re-election. The former president said he sympathized with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky over his conduct during the 2019 scandal but called him “the best salesman among all politicians who have ever lived.”

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