US prison administration allows Kremlin agent Butina to teach in prisons

The Russian citizen Maria Butina, who is serving prison time in the US, has started teaching four subjects to prisoners with permission from the prison administration in Tallahassee, Florida, reported the Russian newspaper Izvestia, citing her father, Valery Butin.

“Maria is now actively involved in teaching, which helps her to cope with the difficult life situation. She is teaching four subjects to other women who are serving jail time with her. Importantly, it is not just her own initiative – everything is happening officially and with the prison administration’s permission,” her father commented, adding that Butina will receive moderate financial compensation for her teaching activity.

Butina will be teaching mathematics, English, probability theory and social science. As part of the last subject, she will also instruct her fellow prisoners on the foundations of the US democratic system.

Butina’s father denied the claims that she could soon be transferred to Russia. “No discussions of this matter have been planned,” he said. However, he expressed hope that she could be released early, on 5 November.

Valery Butin added that his daughter has not complained about the prison conditions, although she did mention a high level of moisture on the prison walls in Tallahassee.

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