US lawmakers urge White House to lift restrictions on Ukrainian strikes against Russia

US Congressmen Jake Auchincloss and Michael McCaul have called on the White House to lift restrictions on Ukraine's ability to carry out strikes against Russia. During an online discussion hosted by Foreign Policy, Democratic and Republican representatives Jake Auchincloss and Michael McCaul expressed that the outcome of the current NATO summit in Washington should include the removal of these restrictions for Ukraine, reports Voice of America.

Democrat Auchincloss stated that during the summit, he wishes to hear "a more aggressive statement regarding permission to strike Russian territory." He believes the White House should allow Ukraine to target not just military and defense industry installations but also the energy infrastructure of Russia. "Two actions are necessary and complementary. First, we need to strike oil and gas fields. Their repair is very costly and time-consuming. Second, we must intensify sanctions on resources necessary for their restoration," said the US Congressman. Auchincloss emphasized that a majority of Congress holds the same view on this issue.

Republican McCaul also advocated for removing all defense restrictions from Ukraine. "We shouldn't tie their hands behind their backs. For God's sake, give them what they need. Let them achieve victory. They are very experienced and battle-hardened," said the Republican.

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