US imports record $209.5 million of Russian uranium in May despite upcoming ban

The United States purchased enriched uranium from Russia amounting to $209.5 million in May, marking the highest level since March 2023 when the US imported $245.9 million of enriched uranium from Russia, reported Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, ,citing data from the American statistics bureau.

The resumption of uranium deliveries from Russia to the US occurred after a break in April, the report notes. Throughout May, Russia exported 91.1 tonnes of uranium.

In total, the US purchased uranium worth a record $987 million from various global suppliers in May. China was the principal exporter, selling $323.6 million worth of enriched uranium to the US. France followed with $245.4 million, putting Russia in third place in terms of contract volume.

Germany exported $96.8 million worth of uranium to the US, while the Netherlands and the United Kingdom sold $63.3 million and $38 million worth, respectively. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan and Belgium made relatively smaller sales of $8 million and $2.6 million.

In mid-May, President Joe Biden signed a law banning the import of unirradiated low-enriched uranium produced in Russia or by Russian enterprises. Reuters specified at the time that this law is set to take effect 90 days after signing. According to the agency, approximately 24% of the uranium fuel used at US nuclear power plants comes from Russia.

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