US fighters arrive in Estonia for military exercises

Twelve F-16 fighters from the Ohio National Guard arrived in Estonia on Sunday in order to take part in international drills, the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces reported.

The F-16s from the Ohio National Guard squadron flew to the Ämari Air Base outside of Tallinn from the US airbase in Toledo.

“One of the goals of the upcoming drills is to hone skills in large-scale air operations. Experienced spotters from Belgium will also come to help with these drills,” said acting commander of the Estonian Air Force Colonel Riivo Valge.

The drills will last until the middle of March. Air-to-air exercises will take place in specially designated training zones over islands and in western Estonia at heights no lower than 1.5 kilometers. Air-to-ground exercises will be held at the Estonian Defense Forces’ central training ground, around which flights at lower altitudes are also permitted.

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