American USS Ross guided missile destroyer deployed to the Black Sea

The USS Ross guided missile destroyer entered the Black Sea, passing the Bosporus under cover of darkness in support of the US allies, according to Yörük Işık’s Twitter blog, which tracks the movement of warships across the Bosporus.

As reported on the website of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa, on February 9, the USS Ross destroyer arrived in the Albanian port of Vlorë. RBC-Ukraine website says that the presence of the American warship in the Mediterranean Sea shows the US commitment in maintaining security in the region. The site also says that the destroyer is patrolling the operations area of the US 6th Fleet in support of US national security.

The USS Ross is based in Rota, Spain. In April 2017, the Ross and the USS Porter fired 59 Tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean Sea at the Shayrat airfield in Syria, controlled by the Syrian government forces. The strike was a response to the chemical bombardment of the settlement of Khan Shaykhun by aircraft stationed at Shayrat.

  USS Ross, Black Sea