US decides to build two military bases in Syria's Manbij

The U.S. is building two military bases in the region of Manbij west of the Euphrates River, which is under the control of the Kurdish People’s Defense Unit (YPG), reports the Turkish news agency Anadolu.

One of the American bases will be built at the site of an observation post to the north of the city of Manbij, southeast of the village of Dadat, reports Anadolu.

U.S. troops brought a lot of construction equipment to the area. The base will be located eight kilometers from the Sajur River, which separates Manbij from the Jarabulus area. This region came under the control of the YPG in 2016-2017.

The other base will be south of Dadat. Four kilometers away is the territory controlled by participants of Operation Euphrates Shield. The U.S. military is located near the Nuaymiyah farm, where construction work is being done. After construction is completed, the base will be the closest location to the area of Operation Euphrates Shield where U.S. troops are deployed in Syria.

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