US and Italy discuss delivery of SAMP-T air defense systems to Ukraine

Italy can deliver anti-aircraft missile systems SAMP-T to Ukraine, reports La Repubblica. The United States is asking Italy to accelerate the next package of military assistance for Ukraine, which may include the SAMP-T air defense systems.

La Repubblica noted that the United States National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, and the diplomatic adviser to the Prime Minister of Italy, Francesco Talo, held a telephone conversation on January 5.

The two officials discussed military assistance for Ukraine, which may include SAMP-T systems. Italy has not yet approved the sixth aid package but may soon do so.

The newspaper clarifies that Italy has 5 SAMP-T batteries and one mofre which is used for training.

The SAMP-T air defense system has a target detection range of 80 km. This air defense has a high fire rate. It can launch 8 missiles in 10 seconds.

This systems can be used to destroy enemy aircraft, cruise and anti-radar missiles.

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