United Arab Emirates buys Russian Kornet and Pantsir missile systems

The United Arab Emirates has signed a contract with Russia for the purchase of Kornet-E anti-tank missile systems and Pantsir anti-aircraft missile systems, UAE Brigadier General Mohammed Hassaini stated at the international exhibition of weapons and military equipment IDEX in Abu Dhabi. 

“The cost of the contract amounted to 146.92 million dirhams ($ 39.7 million) and more than 45 million dirhams ($ 12.1 million) for Kornet-E and Pantsir, respectively,” TASS quoted the general as saying. He did not disclose any other details about the agreement. 

Pantsir S-1 has been in service in the Russian army since 2012. The design of the missile system started in early 1990s. Contracts for the supply of the missile system were concluded with Algeria, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, Pantsir-S1 missile systems are used in the air defense system that ensures the safety of the Russian aviation in Syria. 

Kornet-E anti-tank missile systems, which were put into service in 1998, are intended to destroy tanks and armored combat vehicles with dynamic protection. The system is capable of hitting low-flying targets. The maximum firing range is 5.5 km. 

The international exhibition of weapons and military equipment IDEX has been held in Abu Dhabi every two years since 1993. It is one of the most representative armament events in the world. According to the results of the previous exhibition IDEX-2017, the UAE army concluded 90 contracts with a total value of 19.17 billion dirhams ($ 5.2 billion).

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