Ukrainian partisans claim responsibility for gas pipeline explosion in Crimea

In Crimea, partisans have reportedly blown up a gas pipeline, an incident the Russians authorities have attributed to technical failure. This information was shared on the Telegram channel Rospartizan. According to the partisans, "The occupying administration in Crimea is lying as usual, claiming the destruction of the gas pipeline was due to the 'depressurisation of a suspended gas pipeline bridge'. 'Depressurisation' is another term from Putin and his officials' newspeak, akin to 'pops', 'short-circuit', and 'detonation of explosive objects'," they stated. The partisans emphasized that the pipeline was 'depressurised' by an explosive device.

The operation to sabotage the gas pipeline segment between 'Alushta-Yalta' was carried out on July 6 at 21:40. The incident, reported by the Telegram channel Crimean Wind, noted that the open fire at the "Malyy Mayak" gas distribution node in Vinogradnoye was extinguished, and no casualties were reported. The blaze spread over a 4,172 square metre area.

Russian media reported the 'depressurisation' of the gas pipeline's suspension bridge, noting that the fire spread to a forested area and could potentially result in a complete gas outage in Alushta. Alushta's 'local authorities' anticipated that the repair work on the pipeline near Vinogradnoye could take 7-10 days to complete, as reported by their sources. "Currently, 12 settlements in the Alushta area remain without gas. The gas issues will not affect the functioning of kindergartens and camps. These facilities are equipped with electrical equipment and can manage without gas," stated Alushta’s administration head, Galina Ogneva.

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