Ukrainian Naval Forces confirm yesterday’s attack on Russian warships in Sevastopol

Dmytro  Plenchuk, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Naval Forces, stated that the Russian ship Pavel Derzhavin was attacked twice off the coast of Crimea. The Russian tugboat Nikolay Muru was also hit. 

"Yesterday was a 'Friday the 13th' for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.The patrol ship Pavel Derzhavin was hit twice. Only the second time did they realize it was time to retreat from our Sevastopol. The damage to the tugboat has been confirmed. It is being towed away. It has the corresponding damage," he said on Ukrainian televised news marathon event.

Plenchuk stated that he cannot disclose the details of the attack or what weapons were used to attack the Russian ships.
It was reported earlier that the Russian missile ship Buyan and the patrol ship Pavel Derzhavin were attacked and damaged by experimental marine drones.

  War in Ukraine, Sevastopol, Russia