Ukrainian National Guard repels Russian assault near Lyptsi in Kharkiv region

Drone operators from the 13th Brigade "Khartia" managed to spot a dozen Russian soldiers who were preparing to assault Ukrainian positions. After opening fire on them, the Russian soldiers not only started to flee but also revealed the location of their additional forces.

The Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region continues, and the Ukrainian Forces are doing everything possible to ensure that Russian troops do not capture new territories. The OSINT Telegram channel CyberBoroshno shared footage of the battles near Vovchansk.

The released footage shows fighters from the 13th Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard Khartia. They managed to repel the Russian assault near the settlement of Lyptsi in the Kharkiv region. The "Rubezh" brigade division was also present during the combat mission.

"Operators of the Khartia UAV noticed a dozen enemies moving towards Lyptsi. Fire was opened on the enemy using small arms, artillery, and attack drones. The Russians began to flee and even exposed their additional forces intended to reinforce the assault groups," reads a statement from the Khartia brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard.

Additionally, it was noted that a strike using a multiple launch rocket system was carried out on the concentration of enemy infantry. At least eight Russian soldiers were killed in this section of the front, and the rest were forced to retreat after the failure.

The OSINT investigators shared several images of the settlement where the Russians attempted their assault. The area lies about 10 kilometers from the Russian border.

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