Ukrainian Intelligence: Russia has about 950 long-range missiles remaining

Russia has roughly 950 precision-guided, long-range missiles of operational-strategic and strategic levels, said the representative of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence, Vadim Skibitskyi, in a comment to RBC-Ukraine.

"We estimate that Russia currently retains around 950 high-precision missiles of the operational-strategic and strategic tier, having a range exceeding 350 kilometers. We observe a trend where they typically try to maintain their arsenals at a level of no fewer than 900 missiles," he said.

Skibitskyi, speaking on behalf of the Defence Intelligence, stated in April this year that Russia aims to produce about 40 X-101 missiles.

"We predict the Russians will be capable of executing several more large-scale attacks (2-3 significant ones), after which they will be compelled to take another pause to amass missiles and Shahed drones. However, individual localized shelling may continue," noted Skibitskyi.

He also described the status of the Russian Kalibr cruise missiles, which have been rarely used by Russia since the autumn of 2023.

"The aggressor is accumulating a stockpile of Kalibr cruise missiles, possessing at least 260 units. Moreover, their plan includes the production of 30 such missiles this April," the Defence Intelligence representative claimed.

At the same time, he recalled that the Russians are upgrading their Oniks anti-ship missiles.

"In terms of high-speed missiles from the southern direction, it is presently difficult to determine whether these are Zircon missiles or upgraded Oniks," Skibitskiy remarked, adding that Russia's stockpile of standard Oniks missiles amounts to 440 units.

In recent weeks, the Russians have launched several large-scale missile attacks on Ukraine's energy system. The latest occurred overnight on 31 March, with Ukrainian air defense units shooting down the majority of the targets.

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