Ukrainian intelligence: partisans detonate explosive device at Russian military headquarters in Melitopol killing three officers

Ukrainian partisans detonated an explosive device on Saturday, 11 November, targeting the headquarters of Russian military in Melitopol. As a result of the blast, three Russian officers were killed, reported the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

According to the intelligence agency, this act of revenge was carried out by members of the local resistance movement, who targeted a seized building of Nova Poshta, located on Dmitri Donin Street.

According to GUR, the postal building was being used by the Russians as their headquarters. The explosion occurred during a meeting of officers from the FSB (Federal Security Service) and the Rosgvardiya (National Guard of Russia).

An hour prior to the meeting, the Russians had blocked off the nearby road section, stretching from the Melitopol Avtogidroagregat enterprise to the former refrigeration equipment factory, which has been converted into military bases.

At least three Rosgvardiya officers were killed in the explosion. The information about other casualties is still being clarified.

"After the strike in Melitopol, chaos ensued - many police officers rushed to the scene with sirens blaring. Some time later, they dragged a burnt car near their station through the occupied city," GUR added.

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