Ukrainian General: liberation of Crimea and destruction of Kerch Bridge are inevitable

Ukraine must destroy the Kerch Bridge and liberate the occupied Crimea to prevent the war from dragging off for several years, said in an interview with Apostrophe Major General Dmitry Marchenko, who was in charge of the defense of Mykolaiv in the first months of the war.

According to him, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the liberation of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, as well as the Crimea, are inevitable.

"But we must understand that this is a complex of steps, not just we get up and go. You need to prepare for it very carefully, you need to conduct a very good reconnaissance, you need to prepare artillery. It will not be fast, but it is an inevitable measure, and sooner or later it will take place, " the general explained.

Marchenko added that Ukraine has no choice but to liberate its occupied territories.

"We cannot leave a single piece of our land to the enamy, otherwise it will simply delay the war for several more years," he stressed.

The general also said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces intend to destroy the Kerch bridge.

"When this will happen, I, unfortunately, can not tell you. But I will tell you more: it is tactically necessary to destroy this bridge. You know, it’s used to move of reserves, to strengthen the manpower, bring equipment, weapons. This is a tactical necessity," Marchenko said.

He stressed that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will strike not only at the bridge itself, but also at the large landing ships that Russia keeps in the Black Sea.

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