Ukrainian General: Crimea will be liberated through military means

The annexed Crimea will be liberated by military means and to achieve this it is necessary to destroy the the Crimean bridge, said Ukrainian Major General Dmytro Marchenko in an interview for RBC-Ukraine.

"We will do it. No one has given it up. Crimea is Ukraine. It is our land. There are our people who are still forced to live in occupation. No one gave Russia the right to come, take a piece of land and say that "this is mine." We will reconquer Crimea, just as we will reconquer Kherson, Luhansk, and Donetsk," said Marchenko, who is now in charge of the defense of Mykolaiv.

According to Marchenko, it will be necessary do destroy the Crimean bridge to prevent Russia from delivering reserves and strengthening troops in Crimea.

Earlier, the Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces will soon be able to strike the Crimean Bridge. Russia has been strengthening the defense of the Bridge. It is currently guarded by the troops of the Southern Military District, the Black Sea Fleet, the coast guard, and Russian National Guard.

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