Ukrainian Forces strike Wagner PMC base in occupied Popasna

Ukrainian Forces have struck the base of the Russian private military company the Wagner Group in Popasna, reported the Russian military reporter Yuri Kotenok, and the telegram channel “The Reverse Side of the Medal”, which is believed to be associated with the Wagner PMC. Kotenok writes that the strike was probably carried out from HIMARS systems.

On August 8, Russian war correspondent Sergei Sreda published photos with mercenaries of the Wagner PMC in Popasna. One of the photos also showed a man resembling Putin’s friend, Yevgeny Prigozhin

The published images made it possible for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to geolocate the Wagner headquarters and carry out a missile strike. Many dead and wounded Russian mercenaries have been reported.

"I came to Popasna, stopped by at the headquarters. I was met like a native. They told some funny stories," Sreda wrote, posting photographs.


The capture of Popasna is considered the main achievement of the Wagner PMC in Ukraine.

After the capture, many Wagner mercenaries were awarded the medal "For the Capture of Popasna". According to several Telegram channels, Prigozhin was awarded the Hero of Russia title.

Sreda’s post was removed after the reports appeared that the Wagner base was hit. However, Sreda’s photoes from Popasna remained on the Vkontakte page of the press service of Prigozhin's company, Concord.

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