Ukrainian Forces reclaim territory and halt Russian advances in Kharkiv region

Ukrainian forces have made significant strides in the Kharkiv sector, reclaiming territory previously held by Russian troops and fortifying new positions. According to a soldier from the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade, the Defense Forces not only repelled enemy attacks but also closely monitor and strike at their movements in the area.

For over a month, Russian forces have attempted advances in the Kharkiv region, but Ukrainian defenders have managed to stabilize the front line. The situation on the ground has been detailed by Yuriy Fedorenko, commander of the Achilles UAV Battalion of the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade named after Ataman Ivan Sirko, who spoke on the Freedom TV channel.

According to Fedorenko, the Russians can no longer advance as swiftly as before, despite their superiority in manpower and artillery. Ukrainian forces have carried out operations at Pylne, Starytsia, and Hlyboke, rebuffed enemy attempts, and solidified their positions.

In Vovchansk, the battle is arduous and continues to escalate within residential areas.

"Combat is happening literally for every house and basement. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are actively fighting the enemy—reclaiming positions, capturing many enemy soldiers... During their invasion of the Kharkiv region, the enemy heavily employed armored vehicles. Consequently, the Ukrainian Forces destroyed a significant amount of the enemy’s armor. Today, the Russian army resorts to highly maneuverable military buggies and motorcycles for better agility," said Fedorenko.

Ukrainian troops report that Russians are trying to build fortifications just two kilometers from Vovchansk. This tactic has long been a staple for Russian forces, with defense lines being constructed immediately in all occupied territories.

"Simultaneously, the Defense Forces observe all enemy movements and aim to prevent them from fortifying these areas. Therefore, they actively target and destroy the enemy. The line they are attempting to establish will not serve them well," Fedorenko concluded.

On June 13, a spokesperson for the Khortytsia Operational-Strategic Grouping of Troops, Nazar Voloshyn, affirmed that Russian forces have stalled near Vovchansk despite deploying reinforcements from other fronts. According to him, even adding troops hasn't helped the invaders achieve significant gains.

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