Ukrainian Forces reclaim key positions in northern Kharkiv amid intense battles

In Northern Kharkiv region, Ukrainian forces (AFU) have achieved some successes, said Yuriy Fedorенко, commander of the "Achilles" UAV unit within the 92nd Separate Assault Brigade, during a news broadcast.

The Ukrainian forces have managed to drive Russian troops from several positions in the Kharkiv region. Fedorenko highlighted that the Russian army continuously brings in reinforcements to this front. Additionally, the Russian military maintains offensive operations in the Kharkiv direction, attempting to breach the Ukrainian defense lines, as he stated.

Despite high levels of coordination from the Ukrainian Forces, which have successfully hit various Russian targets ranging from personnel to air defence systems, the Russian forces still manage to bring in reinforcements, replenish losses, and maintain a high tempo of operations.

In this heavily contested area, the Ukrainian military is reclaiming the initiative on the battlefield, even as the Russians employ all types of weaponry. Ukrainian positions remain secure, with the Russian troops failing to advance deeper into Ukrainian territory. Notably, AFU has pushed Russian forces back from several key positions.

According to Pharaoh, the chief of the operational staff of the "Khartia" battalion within the 13th Brigade of the National Guard, Ukrainian forces successfully halted the Russian advance towards the village of Lypstsi.

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