Ukrainian forces block Russian troops at Vovchansk aggregator plant

Russian troops had previously used one of the city streets to approach the factory. Now, it has been taken under control by the Ukrainian Forces, "Osman" reported. The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have blocked Russian troops in the area of the Vivchanskiy Aggregator Plant, reported a fighter of the 24th Separate Assault Brigade "Aidar", Stanislav Bunyatov, with the callsign "Osman", on his Telegram channel.

"Regarding the Aggregator Plant in Vovchansk. Actually, they have been blocked there for the 5th consecutive day. Earlier, they used to enter through one street, but our guys stormed it and set up several strongpoints, through which they cannot pass," he stated.

The Ukrainian soldier added that blocking the Russians at the Aggregator Plant did not significantly affect the situation.

"The enemy's logistics have been managed using drones to drop ammunition, water, and food, so the situation is not dire for them, as even those blocked there mean nothing to their command," Osman explained.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Forces has not yet commented on the situation regarding the blocking of Russian forces in Vovchansk.

On June 14, Russian channels began spreading information that Ukrainian Forces had blocked Russian troops at the Aggregator Plant in Vovchansk, Kharkiv region.

On June 11, the Russian Ministry of Defence announced the Russian troops had captured the village of Timkivka in the Kupyansk district of the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian officials later reported that such a village has not existed for 40 years.

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