Ukrainian Defense Minister: there are doubts that Russian nuclear weapons are in working condition

There are doubts about the state of Russian nuclear weapons, since last tests were carried out in 1998, said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov on Ukrainian national TV.

According to him, the nuclear weapons, and carriers that Ukraine gave Russia in the 1990s reached their storage life in 1997.

"Then they could upgrade and modify them, but formally their shelf life was reached then. Plus, Ukrainian factories manufactured many components. We no longer help them," Reznikov said.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister added that Russia did the last test of nuclear weapons in 1998 at a test site in Kazakhstan. According to Reznikov, one can doubt that Russian nuclear weapons are currently in a working condition.

He also recalled that during US President Joe Biden's visit to Kyiv, Russia was scheduled to test a new missile as a show of force. The test failed, and Putin was forced to change his speech to the Russian Federal Assembly.

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