Ukrainian Defense Minister: Russia has attempted to purchase large shipment of body armor and winter uniforms through Turkey

The Russian Federation tried to order through third countries 200 thousand sets of body armor and 500 thousand sets of winter uniforms, said the Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov at a press conference.

"We have accurate information from our partners in Turkey that the Russians tried to order 200,000 sets of body armor and 500,000 sets of winter clothes through third countries. That means they are having trouble with it. By the way, the Turkish partners refused them," the Minister said.

According to Reznikov, the failure of the so-called Russian special military operation will lead to a change of the regime in Russia.

"My understanding is the Kremlin regime is failing. Accordingly, they will make some personnel decisions. Someone will be blamed, most likely, the Russian military, for the failure of the "special military operation". They need someone's head. But this will no longer help the regime to survive, there will be a regime change. There will be a "perfect storm" in Russia. And at that moment we will move with our counteroffensive operations with the support of our partners and prepare for the fact that with the new leadership of Russia, with the help of partners, a new system of security guarantees for Ukraine will be discussed, which will lead to the end of this war and our access to all borders, which were recognized by the international community in 1991," Reznikov said.

Earlier, the British Intelligence said that the Russian Federation has significant problems with the accommodation, training, equipping of newly conscripted soldiers.

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