Ukrainian Defense Minister: only Russia’s capitulation will end the war in Ukraine

Only one side can capitulate In Russia's war against Ukraine, the Kremlin, said Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov on the Telegram page of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Reznikov once again reminded that the Russians will not be able to intimidate Ukrainians, nor plunge them into cold and darkness.

"Today, the Russian authorities are trying, using terror and blackmail, perhaps to bargain for themselves some topics for negotiations," the Minister said, stressing that the Russians will not succeed, and this should be understood all over the world, even by those who still want to "advocate" for the Kremlin and conduct business "as usual".

Reznikov also said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have already mastered dozens of types of various weapons that they received from the West as assistance. Now they are using it effectively in combat.

"International partners believed in us and want to be co-authors of our victory. They know that there is a very difficult path ahead, but they are ready to go through it with us. Russia has strategically lost this war," Reznikov said, recalling that Ukraine's goal is to liberate all the occupied territories by reaching the borders of 1991.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Russia to withdraw its troops and equipment from Ukraine by Christmas. According to him, this decision will show what Moscow really wants. Russia president Vladimir Putin has rejected Zelensky’s proposal.

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