Ukrainian counteroffensive may begin in Bakhmut

The Russian troops have been trying to capture Bakhmut since the last summer with limited success - the city has become the "Ukrainian Stalingrad".

The Ukrainian counteroffensive will take place in April, and its success is almost a foregone conclusion, reports the world media. According to the reports, the Ukrainian counteroffensive can begin precisely from Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

"Bakhmut will be the answer. The counterattack of the Ukrainian Armed Forces can begin where the Russian attack has choked. Fresh forces are being deployed to the "Ukrainian Stalingrad", - writes the Telegram channel We can explain.

British intelligence reports that a fifth of all Russian losses since the last summer were in the Bakhmut area. France 24 and the BBC write that it’s becoming noticeable that the intensity of the Russian attacks is decreasing. Russia continues to lose hundreds of soldiers daily in this area.

There are also signs that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing for an attack.

"Our task from the beginning of the year is to keep Bakhmut until April," New York Times quotes Stas Osman, a soldier from the Ukrainian Aidar battalion.

After visiting the Ukrainian positions in Bakhmut, the commander of the Ground Forces, Oleksandr Syrsky, said: "They (the Russian troops) have almost run out of resources for the offensive. We'll take advantage of that soon."

According to CNN analysis, Ukraine retained control over key river and land crossings. Russia has managed to envelope, but not capture, Bakhmut. Ukraine is capable of a direct counterattack deep into Russian-held territory near Bakhmut.

Retired General Wesley Clark said: " Bakhmut is a decisive terrain to bring Putin to the negotiating table."

According to American data, Ukraine has enough offensive force for this. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have retained significant numbers of personnel in reserve. They are now being assembled into offensive brigades. Many of them have undergone training in the West. In addition, more and more territorial defense fighters are coming to the front, reports The Guardian.

The Ukrainian military under the nickname "Bakhmut Demon" said earlier, the Russian offensive in Bakhmut is running out of steam, the enemy has no chance to encircle the city.

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