Ukrainian Armed Forces strike Russian airfields in occupied Luhansk and Berdyansk

The Ukrainian Armed Forces  have struck helicopters and equipment belonging to Russian troops at airfields near the Russian-occupied cities of Berdyansk and Luhansk. The Ukrainian Forces Strategic Communications Center  reported that the operation was carried out successfully on the night of Tuesday, 17 October. Later, the Ukrainian General Staff stated that the strikes had destroyed two helicopters on landing pads and an ammunition depot.

Later the press service of the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SOF)  published data on Russian losses resulting from the Ukrainian strikes on the airfields. According to this information, nine helicopters of various modifications, special equipment, an air defense missile launcher, an ammunition depot, and runway surfaces were destroyed. It was also mentioned that the ammunition in Berdyansk was exploding until 4 am, while the explosions in Luhansk continued until 11 am. The Russian casualties are estimated to be dozens killed and wounded, with bodies still being recovered from the rubble.

The statement further highlighted that the SOF had previously gathered intelligence on a significant amount of Russian aircraft  and special equipment, as well as ammunition, at the airfields in Berdyansk and Luhansk, which was then passed on to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to reports from Russian Telegram channels, the attack on an airfield with army aircraft was carried out using ATACMS missiles. The Russians describe this incident as one of the most significant strikes during the war, resulting in casualties and damage to both personnel and equipment.

  War in Ukraine, Berdyansk, Luhansk