Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S.: Washington feels confident about counteroffensive

The assessment of the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in US official circles is quite positive, said Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova in an interview with

"There is a big difference between what is written about the offensive in the media and how it is assessed in the US administration, the State Department, the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The assessment of the White House, Secretary of Defense Austin and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley is quite positive, " Markarova said.

According to her, all American officials understand that the Ukrainian military is now conducting the most complex operation since World War II and that Ukraine is confronted by a brutal and numerous aggressor.

"The U.S. authorities know that every advance, every liberated kilometer, every advance in all directions, and even the fact that we simply do not allow the Russians to advance further, is a huge success. This is how both Secretary Austin and General Milley publicly assessed the counteroffensive after the last meeting of the Ramstein group," the Ukrainian ambassador emphasized.

At the same time, Markarova stated that, unfortunately, it cannot yet be said that the prevailing point of view in the United States is that Russia should be stopped at any cost, and all resources should be focused on ensuring that Ukraine wins.

"However, over the past year and a half, thanks to the courage of all Ukrainians and our defenders, the active and clear position of President Zelensky and diplomacy, there has been a significant evolution in the views of the American elite in favor of Ukraine," she assured.

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