Ukrainian Finance Minister - In 25 years Ukrainian economy will reach the level of Switzerland.

"The forecast of the International Monetary Fund for Ukrainian annual GDP is 4%. This will allow the Ukrainian economy to reach the level of Switzerland in 25 years." - stated Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalia Yaresko at the cabinet meeting.

" At this growth rate (4% of real GDP growth) our GDP will rise from the current level of 84 billion dollars to 600 billion in 2040. This is the level of a country like Switzerland."

The Finance minister said that the agreement reached with the creditors is beneficial for Ukraine under any scenarios of the further development of Ukrainian economy.

"This is a win-win deal for both us and our creditors. This agreement gives Ukraine a substantial financial relieve and will allow the country to return quicker to a stable economy" stated the minister.

She reminded that the Ukrainian parliament has still to pass 3 important laws to finalize the deal.

Speaking at the press conference before the cabinet meeting, she answered that the second installment of the loan from IMF will be fully used to increase the monetary reserves of the country.

The Ukrainian side does not intend to ask for larger installments or to combine several installments into one.

The IMF delegation will be visiting Ukraine on September the 22d with the purpose to monitor the fulfillment of the program.

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