Ukraine to mobilize thousands of prisoners for military service under new legislation

As many as 4,500 incarcerated individuals in Ukraine have agreed that legislation for conditional early release through military service contracts should be adopted, Deputy Justice Minister Olena Vysotska revealed in an interview with Glavkom.

According to Vysotska, even before the law was passed in April, the Ministry of Justice conducted a survey among inmates to gauge their stance on introducing such legislation. However, it should be noted that correctional staff did not consider the criminal code articles under which these prisoners were sentenced, some of which are currently excluded from mobilisation efforts.

Furthermore, Vysotska pointed out that the health status and motivation of those surveyed were not taken into account.

The publication specifies that as of mid-May 2024, there were 27,471 inmates in Ukrainian correctional facilities, including 1,538 women and 51 minors.

Previously, Justice Minister Denys Maliuska stated that the new law on the mobilisation of convicted individuals, introduced in early May, could allow for the recruitment of 10,000 to 20,000 prisoners for military service.

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