Ukraine to consider sanctions against Lukashenko after they are finalized by EU

Ukraine will join the first round of EU sanctions against the Belarusian authorities, but the decision on personal sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko has not been taken yet, said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at a press conference.

"Our position on the crisis in Belarus is consistent and clear. We have supported the relevant EU statements. With regard to the sanctions that have already been imposed, we will join them. Regarding any new sanctions, we will act on an agreed algorithm, that is, first the European Union takes punitive measures, and then we consider joining them. By the way, the situation in Belarus is a perfect example of how the cooperation of the EU politicians and Ukraine works, when we really stand as a united front," Kuleba said.

The minister did not confirm but also did not rule out Ukraine's intentions to impose sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko.

On October 2, the leaders of the European Union countries agreed to impose sanctions against 40 Belarusian officials responsible for violations in the presidential elections and violent actions of security forces against protesters. Lukashenko was not on the list.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry announced the imposition of sanctions against the European Union in response to the EU decision.

Yesterday, the European Union decided to impose sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko. The heads of the EU foreign ministries agreed to put him on the sanctions list.

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