Ukraine seizes $1 million worth of Russian iron ore

Ukrainian Law enforcement agencies have seized about 2.5 thousand tons of Russian-made iron ore found at one of the railway stations in the Odesa region. According to preliminary estimates, the total cost of the seized cargo is about a million dollars, reports the Department of Strategic Investigations of the Ukrainian National Police of Ukraine.

The raw materials were discovered by operatives and investigators of the Odesa region as part of measures aimed at locating and seizing Russian and Belarusian assets.

According to the investigation, the iron ore belongs to a group of companies controlled by an unnamed Russian oligarch who is close to the Kremlin.

"Almost 2.5 thousand tons of raw materials were planned to be transported by sea to third countries in order to conceal the real recipient and the subsequent delivery to the Russian Federation," reads the statement of the Ukrainian National Police.

The cargo was seized on February 8. It will be transferred under the control of the Ukrainian Asset Recovery Agency.

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