Ukraine's energy security was discussed at NATO meeting

The Ukraine-NATO Commission at the level of deputy permanent representatives with the participation of the Head of the National Joint-Stock Company Naftogaz of Ukraine, Andriy Kobolyev discussed issues of Ukraine’s energy security at a meeting on Monday, May 7.

The press service of the company stated that the Naftogaz report was devoted to the decision of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project sparked a discussion during the meeting.

"The Allies were unanimous in that the energy security of Ukraine is a component of the energy security of the whole region. Energy security issues attracted increased attention, making a symbolic first official meeting in the new headquarters with Ukrainian officials on the issues ensuring energy security in the Euro-Atlantic area,” the statement of Naftogaz reads.

The EU has promised to assist Ukraine in the implementation of the decisions of the Stockholm Court.

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