Ukraine's ambassador optimistic about US assistance amidst election year challenges

Ukraine's ambassador to the United States, Oksana Markarova, has said during a national news broadcast that talks over US assistance to Ukraine are headed in the right direction.

"The situation is extremely complex, but there is absolutely no ground to speak of 'betrayal'. Everything is moving in the right direction. However, it's a complicated process in an election year. We are doing everything to ensure the aid bill for Ukraine is approved. The chances are incredibly high," Markarova commented.

She reminded that there was recent news coverage about a bill offering aid exclusively to Israel, registered by the House of Representatives. However, in the US, for a bill to become law, it must be voted on by both chambers and signed by the president.

"Therefore, we are looking forward to the Senate's publication of the bipartisan bill that includes Ukraine, Israel, border issues, and other questions. We're hoping that the day after publication, the review of the bill will begin," the ambassador explained.

US President Joe Biden proposed to Congress an allocation of 106 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine and Israel, but the issue has not yet been approved.

Within the US Congress, there have been disputes about the further financing of aid to Ukraine. Republicans are seeking the adoption of immigration legislation and have been stalling the discussion.

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