New Military Doctrine of Ukraine

According to the press service of the National Security Council after the meeting held on Wednesday,  a new Military Doctrine draft has been adopted and passed for approval to the President of Ukraine.

The document defines the Russian Federation as a military adversary of Ukraine and takes into account the high probability of a large-scale military campaign against Ukraine.

In addition, new military doctrine confirms the rejection of the policy of non-alignment and restores the strategic course for Euro-Atlantic integration.

Above document also defines the characteristics of armed conflicts in Ukraine, including those inspired by foreign countries.

The doctrine includes provisions for increased role of information and psychological operations.

It emphasizes the need to improve the system of recruitement and substantial increase in the professional component of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The document describes the prerequisites required  to restore the soveregnity and  territorial integrity of Ukraine and also sets forth the tasks to enhance the secutiry potential of Ukraine in the view of armed agression.

Military doctrine is based on the National Security Strategy of Ukraine and is the basic document of defense planning and the basis for the development of the concepts and state programs of reform and development of the Armed Forces and other military units, weapons and military equipment, defense industry.

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