Ukraine is sending reinforcements to Bakhmut

Ukraine is sending additional military units to Bakhmut, Donetsk region. The corresponding decision was made by the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces,Oleksandr Syrskyi, of during a recent trip to the Ukrainian positions in Bakhmut, said Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar on the Ukrainian TV.

According to her, Syrskyi visited Bakhmut to understand the situation and see if its going to worsen or improve. Other decisions have also been made there that cannot yet be disclosed.

Maliar noted that Bakhmut has been the epicenter of most fierce fighting in the territory of Ukraine for several months. The situation there is complex and tense, as Russian troops have focused their main efforts in this direction, trying to reach the border of the Donetsk region in March.

As the Deputy Defense Minister noted, Russia uses professional and numerous units of the Wagner PMC in the Bakhmut area. Their number exceeds the Ukrainian troops, but as a result of fierce fighting, the enemy suffers heavy losses.

"The enemy's losses are very high, much higher than ours. Our units have destroyed up to 80% of the Wagner units," Maliar said, adding that it is these significant losses that have forced Russia to replace mercenaries with regular soldiers.

Maliar also stressed that talk about the alleged adoption of political decisions on the defense of Bakhmut and the lack of strategic importance in this direction for Ukraine are narratives of the “enemy’s propaganda”.

"We need to understand that the military makes decisions. They are not guided by political decisions," she added.

According to Maliar, in order to begin the liberation of the Ukrainian territories, "sometimes it is necessary to defend the key points important for us in such a tough struggle."

Earlier, the commander of the Ukrainian Ground Forces , Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi, said that the Russians use the most trained units to storm Bakhmut.

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