Ukraine conducts naval drills in Black Sea

On Tuesday December 5, the Ukrainian Naval Forces carried out tactical exercises in the Black Sea, involving 6 small armored artillery boats and 2 naval helicopters, the Defense Ministry’s website reports.

Of the 6 small armored artillery boats which took part in the drills, 4 were constructed for the Navy this year.

During the training, the ships formed a tactical group and worked on assignments related to the protection and defense of the coastal zone, ports, and communications.

“Weapons and camouflage were used during the training. The assigned missions were carried out, and soon the four new boats, on completion of the state testing, will become part of the Navy,” the report states.

In addition, the boats worked on collaboration in the protection and defense of the base point.

“Amongst other things, they worked on the element of anti-ship defense for the base point, during which forces were deployed, a combat course was set, and an imaginary enemy was immediately destroyed,” the report summarizes.

  Ukrainian Navy, Black Sea, naval exercises