Ukraine carries out missile strike on Russian military base in occupied Mariupol

On the evening of May 19, explosions rocked the suburbs and at the airport of the occupied Mariupol.

According to the adviser to the Mariupol mayor, Petro Andriushchenko, the Russian military base was hit. 150 Russian servicemen were at the base at the time of the explosion. This site is used to host Russian air defense systems.

"Russians are deliberately lying about the place of the strike to prevent the follow-up strikes. They are just wasting time. Ukraine has the most sensitive eyes and ears in Mariupol. On another note, for Mariupol residents under occupation: observe how far was the "heavenly punishment" from the nearest residential buildings. See how far away? And now the 2 + 2 task, how quickly will the Russians stuff their ammunitions stockpiles into your basements and yards," commented Andryushchenko.

According to Andryushchenko, 24 Russian servicemen were killed in the strike, 37 were injured, most of them are in a serious condition.

“The Russians have heavy losses in military equipment, Andryushchenko assures.

Tigrs (infantry trucks) and tracked vehicles were sent to scrap metal. A lot of them. Good," said Andryushchenko.

In the morning, the city residents reported that the broken equipment was being towed in the streets of Mariupol presumably in the direction of Novoazovsk.

The Ukrainian missile strike on Mariupol airport happened on the same day when the Russian Defense Ministry published a video of Shoygu's visit to the command post of the Russian eastern group of forces in the Zaporizhzhia region.

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