U.S. Ambassador: Washington has developed an action plan in the event that Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine

The United States of America is developing an action plan in the event that Russia uses nuclear weapons, said US Ambassador Bridget Brink in an interview with Evropeyska Pravda.

"We are working on this in the United States and discussing together with partners how we could act in response to those actions that would be completely unacceptable. And the President said it very clearly," she said.

She recalled that both the United States and the Russian Federation "stated that it is impossible to win a nuclear war and it is unacceptable to consider it."

"President Biden has made it clear that any use of nuclear weapons will be absolutely unacceptable and will have serious consequences. As for Zaporizhzhia, this is also very dangerous. We support the Ukrainian government's initiative in establishing a demilitarized zone, as well as returning Ukraine's full control in Zaporizhzhia. We are cooperating with the IAEA and international partners in support of this goal because the situation is dangerous," the ambassador said.

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