Turkey prepares for US sanctions after purchase of S-400 missile systems from Russia

Turkish Defence Minister said that Ankara is preparing for possible US sanctions in connection with the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft S-400 missile systems.

At the same time, he noted that there had been some progress in the negotiations with the US on the purchase of F-35 fighter aircraft.

The US and Turkey have disagreements on several issues, including Ankara's decision to purchase S-400 systems that cannot be integrated into NATO systems. Washington stated that this would jeopardize Turkey's cooperation in the production of the F-35 jets by the Lockheed Martin, as the S-400 systems can compromise the technologies that are used in the fighters.

"Turkey is also preparing for potential sanctions under the Law on Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act," said Defence Minister Hulusi Akar.

He also added that "there is no such a requirement in the F-35 agreement that states that a participant can be excluded from the partnership because of the purchase of S-400 systems. Turkey paid 1.2 billion US dollars. We have also made requested items on time. What else can we do as a partner? »

Trying to convince Turkey to quit the deal on Russian missiles, the United States offered to sell her Patriot anti-missile systems made by the Raytheon company. According to Akar, Ankara is reviewing this proposal.

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