Three Russian regions come under drone attacks

At least three Russian regions - Belgorod, Bryansk regions and the Krasnodar Krai came under drone attacks overnight.

The wreckage of three drones was found at in the Belgorod region, reported the regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. The mayor of Belgorod, Valentin Demidov, said that one of the UAVs flew into the window of an apartment building. There were no casualties.

The authorities of the Bryansk region reported that a Ukrainian drone was allegedly downed by the air defense in the Surazhsky district. There are no victims and destruction, said the head of the region Alexander Bogomaz. According to the news outlet Astra, three more drones attacked the technical observation point of the FSB border unit in the Sevsky district of the Belgorod region on the morning of February 27, disabling the tower.

Another explosion also occurred around 2 a.m. Moscow time in Adygea, near the village of Novy, according to Astra sources. The head of the Ayryumovskoye rural settlement Oleg Kovalenko reported the explosion to the regional emergency services. Two craters about two meters in diameter and the wreckage of an unidentified flying object were found near the village.

Later, the head of the republic, Murat Kumpilov, confirmed that at night an unidentified aerial vehicle fell near the village of Novy. "An investigative and operational group is working at the site. The most important thing is that there are no victims and injured. There is a slight damage to the outbuilding of the cattle farm," he wrote in the telegram.

Drones also attacked an oil depot in the city of Tuapse, Krasnodar Krai.

In Tuapse , a fire broke out at an oil depot, the city administration reported on Tuesday, February 28. The fire began at about two o'clock in the morning on Industrialnaya Street, where the Rosneft oil refinery is located.

Residents reported two explosions in the territory of the refinery with an interval of several seconds, writes The news outlet Astra claims that the territory was attacked by "two unidentified aircraft". The boiler room was damaged. Two craters with a depth of one and a half meters were found next to the building. Telegram channels Baza and Shot claim that the oil depot was attacked by drones filled with explosives, which fell 100 meters from the oil storage facility. The authorities did not comment on this information.

City officials said the fire occurred in an outbuilding and that the fire area was at least 200 square meters. The fire was extinguished. At the same time, the Tuapse mayor's office called on citizens "not to spread fake information," as "according to the law it is punishable." The mayor's office stressed that "no one was injured during the emergency and there was no spill of petroleum products."

According to Astra, 30 meters from the site of the explosions there is a Russian military barracks.

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