European Parliament calls for new sanctions against Russia over interference in elections

The European Parliament is urging the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation due to the interference of Russian hackers in elections, as discussed during debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg (France) on the impact of Russian propaganda on the European Union.

The head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, German MP David McAllister, stressed that the Russian disinformation campaign is aimed at undermining the foundations of objective journalism and leads to the dissemination of prejudiced information.

He noted that it is necessary to strengthen the stability of the EU and listed four measures that need to be implemented.

"First of all, to impartially investigate Russian interference in election campaigns, and secondly, to introduce targeted sanctions in connection with hacking and publishing falsified confidential data," McAllister said.

He also called for the operational working group on strategic communications (East StratCom Task Force) to become a permanent structure of the EU, and to provide it with adequate funding to strengthen its staff.

In addition, McAllister spoke in favor of the development of an effective strategy to enhance communications and promote European politics and values.

In December the EU extended sanctions against Russia until August 2018.

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