Czech authorities do not see reasons to lift sanctions from Russia

The authorities of Czech Republic are convinced that there is not yet a reason to lift anti-Russian sanctions of the EU. The Czech leadership came to this conclusion during consultations regarding the implementation of the course of foreign policy of the country, held on Wednesday, in the presidential residence, reports Ceske Noviny.

During a meeting held at the Prague Castle, all politicians agreed that the reasons, on which anti-Russian sanctions were introduced, still exist. In a joint statement, the Prime Minister, the President, the head of Parliament and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense, called on all side of the conflict in Ukraine to comply with the Minsk agreements.

At the same time, politicians agreed that it would be beneficial if the question concerning anti-Russian sanctions was thoroughly discussed at a meeting in the Europeans council “Including the assessment of economic and political effectiveness of the sanctions after they were renewed. Of course, the Czech Republic will respect the results of this discussion,” states the statement.  Recently, President Zeman announced that the Czech Republic should initiate a discussion regarding the lifting of the EU sanctions against Russia at the European Council meeting.

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