Talks between Russian military and Syrian opposition on ceasefire in Daraa break down

On Saturday, June 30, representatives of the Syrian opposition announced the failure of negotiations with the Russian military on a peaceful settlement in south-west Syria. The rebels rejected Moscow's demands to surrender, the representative said, DW reports.

According to the rebels, the Russian side "was not ready to listen" to their demands. The representatives of the Syrian opposition called the proposed Russian version of the agreement "humiliating”.

Earlier on Saturday, negotiators from the Russian side proposed to the rebels to accept conditions similar to those previously agreed in eastern Ghouta, a member of the Operation Center established by the Free Syrian Army, said.

In particular, the rebels were leave with their families for the territories under opposition control in the north-west of the country, or to remain and continue to live under the control of the Syrian government.

Opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are holding their positions in south-west Syria, but in recent weeks the government army has captured part of the rebel-controlled territory. In the summer of 2017, de-escalation zones were established in the Syrian southwestern provinces of Daraa and Quneitra, as well as in Eastern Ghouta and the province of Homs. According to the agreement, there should be a no-fly zone, as well as a truce between the government army and the rebels.

The military conflict between the Assad regime and various groups of its opponents, as well as terrorist groups, has lasted since 2011. Hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of the fighting. More than 5 million Syrians were forced to flee their homes.

  Daraa, Syria, Russia