Syrian command claims complete control of Eastern Ghouta

The Syrian military announced that it has taken complete control of Eastern Ghouta, SANA reports. Fighters from the Jaysh al-Islam armed group and their families reportedly left Douma, which was the final rebel-controlled city in Eastern Ghouta.

Damascus said that it had begun sweeping the streets and squares of Douma for mines, in order to ensure the safe return of the civilian population to the city. 500 people in the Syrian city showed signs of poisoning with a chemical substance.

A statement from the World Health Organization also cited information on the probable death of 70 people who took refuge from the bombardment in basements. 43 of them showed signs of poisoning with a chemical substance. The US and their allies are preparing to make a military strike against the Syrian government forces in response to the chemical attack in Douma.

  Eastern Ghouta, Syria