Syria accuses Israel of overnight air strike

Military targets in Syria were attacked by Israeli warplanes at around 2 a.m., reported the Syrian new agency SANA.

According to SANA, “some of the enemy's missiles have been shot down."

"The Israeli enemy carried out air aggression from the side of Latakia at several targets in the coastal zone," Sana reported.

According to the Syrian military, "Israeli aggression resulted in the death of a civilian and six injured, including a child and his mother, in addition to some material losses, including a civilian plastic materials facility".

The Syrian Observatory for Human Right (SOHR) published its own data on what targets were hit during the overnight airstrikes in Syria.

According to SOHR, the Israeli air force struck several targets in the countryside in the Latakia and Hama governorates.

A command center of pro-Iranian militias and a weapons depot south of the town of Al Haffah on the border of the two regions were bombed. Fourteen people were injured during the strikes and no one was killed. Several missiles were shot down, but the rest hit the targets, destroying warehouses and headquarters.

An arms depot or a weapons production facility (what the official media of the Assad regime call a "plastics factory") was hit near the Ras Shamra hill in Latakia. According to SOHR, one civilian was killed there and five others, including a woman and a child, were injured. As noted by SOHR, these casualties and destruction could have been caused by both Israeli missiles and the wreckage of Syrian air defense missiles falling from the sky which happened before.

There have been no official comments from Israeli authorities about the airstrikes in Syria.

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